Eligibility | FAQ

Can I apply for this assistance program?

Do you pay rent?

This program is for renters.  If you have a mortgage, please visit https://www.877gethope.org/faq or please call 1-877-438-4673 to apply for assistance in paying your mortgage.

Is your housing unit located in Marion County, Indiana?

This program is for renters who live in Marion County, IN.  If you live outside of Marion County, please visit http://indianahousingnow.org to apply for rental assistance.

Has your income been reduced for COVID-19 related reasons?

This program is for those households who are earning less now because their income has reduced due to a COVID-19 related event such as job loss or reduction in job hours.

Do you receive rental assistance from another source, like a voucher?

If so, you are not eligible for this program.  Please contact IHA at 317-261-7201 to ask about assistance available for those that have housing vouchers.

How much can you receive?

The program can pay up to three months of assistance.  The maximum monthly amount allowed is based on HUD-approved Fair Market Rent (FMR).  HUD FMR is determined by bedroom size.  The allowed amounts can be found in the following table (tap to enlarge)

I have successfully submitted an application, what happens next?

A completed application requires both tenant and landlord forms.  Applications will be processed within 30 days from receipt of a completed application.  If it has been more than 30 days since your application was submitted please call 317-912-1260 to check the status.