Eligibility | FAQ

Can I apply for this assistance program?

What assistance is available?

Assistance from this program is available to Marion County, Indiana, renters who have experienced a loss of employment income due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are an Indiana resident outside of Marion County, please visit indianahousingnow.org to apply for rental assistance.

Who is eligible for this assistance program?

Households at or below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) that have experienced a reduction in employment income (or self-employment business income) due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are at risk of housing instability. Priority will be given to households below 50% AMI or residents who have been unemployed for 90 days or longer at the time of application. The relevant AMI values for this program can be found in the table below (tap to enlarge).

Can I apply if I already participated in the program in 2020?

Yes. 2020 recipients are eligible to apply as long as it does not duplicate any month already paid during last year’s assistance program. Assistance received in 2020 does not count towards the 12-month maximum for 2021.

How can I apply?

Go to indyrent.org and use the Tenants link to start the 2021 application process.

What documents do I need to provide?

Having a benefits letter from an approved program (TANF, SSI, EAP, SNAP, or HIP) from anytime since January 1, 2020, or a copy of your 2020 IRS Form 1040 or other proof of income will help speed up the review of your application.

How many months of assistance are available?

Up to twelve (12) months total (back or forward), including late fees accrued after April 1, 2020.

If you need funds for back rent / past due rent, you can ask for as many months as you need at one time.

If you need funds for current or forward rent, Federal guidelines limit the amount of rental assistance you can request to three months at one time.

A household may not receive a total of more than 12 months of assistance, whether it is past due rent, current, or future months’ rent from all 2021 applications.

The maximum monthly amount of assistance cannot exceed Fair Market Rent (FMR). The relevant FMR values for this program can be found in the table below (tap to enlarge).

When can I apply for additional assistance?

Tenants who have already received rental assistance since April 5, 2021, will be invited back to request additional months. Tenants will be notified in groups beginning with those whose initial application was approved more than 90 days ago.

If your application was approved more than 90 days ago, please watch your email for an invitation to apply for additional funding. If you have not received an email, it is not yet your turn to reapply. You can check the timeline at indyrent.org to know when it will be your turn

Can I still request assistance if I have moved?

Yes. If you have received rental assistance after April 5, 2021, but have moved since then, you will have an opportunity to update your address, rent, and lease information. You are still eligible to request additional months of rental assistance.

If I receive federal rental assistance through Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) or Project-Based Section 8 Rental Assistance (PBRA), can I still apply for this assistance program?

Yes. Recipients of the renters portion of HCV and PBRA are eligible for this program.

How will I know if I am approved?

You will be contacted at the email address and / or phone number you provided during the application process. You can also check the status of your application using your unique application ID at indyrent.org/status-check.

What happens if my landlord does not respond?

Three attempts will be made to contact your landlord (via phone, email, and / or USPS mail) based on available information. If your landlord does not respond within 21 days, tenants will be contacted to provide additional information necessary to complete the application process. This information includes proof of identification, a copy of the executed lease, proof of residency, and prior payment history. In some cases payments can be made directly to the tenant.